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Carole, Mom of Tigi, Tigger and Biggs

I lost my precious kitty Tigger in April, 05. He was very special to me and I couldn't bare the thought of being without him so quickly. He was only 1 1/2 and I had only had him a little over a year when he was killed. Tigger was definitely my kitty soul mate, he would follow me all over the house and come to me whenever I called him.

Annette contacted Tigger and was able to communicate with him right away. I told Annette I would like to have Tigger come back to me and she told me he definitely wanted to!

The process to find Tigger another body was a bit difficult, I had already brought another kitty "Tigi"into my home as a foster kitty. He was very sweet but not well and had almost six toes. When I first spoke to Annette I asked her if "Tigger" would like to switch with "Tigi",. He said he had already visited with Tigi and didn't like his body because he was ill and had fat toes.

The I found Biggs, a big, beautiful fluffy orange tabby. Tigger loved Biggs body but Biggs liked me and his new home. So since Tigi was OK with leaving his body, Biggs agreed to switch with Tigi and Tigger would have Biggs body. Sound confusing, it was?! Since Since Tigi was a kitten and I had just gotten to know him, it was hard to see that big change in him. Tigi (the former kitten) was a sweetie and loved to cuddle on my shoulder, all 13.5 pounds of him. But I started noticing little changes in Biggs after about a month. Little by little I could see "Tigger traits" appearing in Biggs, but he wasn't the same lovable little Tigger. I thought there would just be subtle changes. Until I moved in with my finacee, then suddenly Tigger was back! Now Biggs, or as I call him my "Bigger Tigger" acts just about the same as my Tigger did. He follow me everywhere, cuddles with me, talks to me and brings me gifts.

I'm so glad I met Annette and so glad she helped bring Tigger back to me.

Sharry - Bellevue, WA

I hadn't given reincarnation much thought other than - "that's cool, it's possible", after seeing it on the Pet Physic on Animal Planet. Then all of a sudden I was faced with it with my own cat Addy, short for Miss Attitude! Addy went missing last summer while I was on vacation. When I got home I searched and then contacted Annette, she told me Addy had been killed by a coyote. In saying my final goodbyes through Annette, Addy announced she wanted to come back to me. I felt horribly guilty about how she had died. I thought that bringing her back for a second life I might be able to make her happy, something I was unable to do in her first. Annette explained the soul of an animal in spirit could come into a different body, but that the animal is seldom a carbon copy of the animal that died. I thought that was good because Addy was severly abused before I adopted her and she had become a difficult cat for humans and to my other cats. I thought she would come back happier cat and get along with my other kitties and have a happier life. I also didn't think I had the option to say "no" to a cat in spirit that wanted to come back. So with Annettes help, we brought Addy back, of course she had a few demands. Like finding her a body that liked to cuddle and one with pretty eyes.

Her new name is Xena, after six months I started having alot of trouble with her and my other cats. Xena will harrass them and they will let her. This is the same as it was with Addy. I called Annette and it turns out it took six months for Addy's spirit to inhabit her new body. Now that she is "all back" the other cats are afraid of her again and I am right back where I started. But this time around, at least Xena is happy.

The point of writing this is to let other people know that if their pet dies and wants to come back, don't assume that all of their bad personality traits won't come back with them. You need to carefully consider if you want the whole package or not. Don't get me wrong, I love Xena very much, but I wish I had understood how the reincarnation process works a little better before I made my decision. Definitely talk everything over with Annette beforehand, in the end I wouldn't have Xena's happiness at the expense of my other cats. Because now I have to constantly watch Xena, keep after her and keep talking with Annette to help my other cats deal with her. It's a lot of work, but I'll never stop, I still want my happy cat family and I'm just as stubborn as Xena!!

Jacqueline, Bailey & Phoenix - Oregon

The following relates to the reincarnation Winza, a horse who passed into spirit a few years ago. He was reborn in 2004 and rejoined his "human", Jacqueline in the fall of that year. She has choosen to call him "Phoenix", very appropriate I would say ... Jacquelines thoughts are expressed in her letter below.

Not only do I have my baby Bailey, who will always be my "baby", even though she is quickly growing into an adult horse. I also have my Winza back (Phoenix)!

There is no doubt in my mind that Phoenix is Winza, he does all the things that Winza used to do, plus I can just feel that it is him. The transformation of the colt that got off the truck (not Winza) to Phoenix (Winza) was AMAZING! The colt that got off the truck was high strung. He had been handled very little when he arrived at my door and it showed. You had to approach him very cautiously before you could touch him.

I spent the next few days with him and the shift in his personality was almost immediate. Within just a few days, I could anything with him. I could brush him all over, wave a towel around him and cover his eyes with it and he wouldn't flinch. He suddenly led and tied like a champ, literally as if he were a 30 year old horse and not a 4 month old colt.

But the way I know it is Winza is the way I "feel" around him. I trusted Winza completely. I was never afraid he would bite me, kick me or hurt me in any way, by contrast I am still a bit cautious around Bailey, I trust her alot more than I did when she was 5 months old, but I do not trust her 100%. I have complete trust with Phoenix. That wonderful cooperative nature just radiates from him. I see all those other things that Winza used to do too. He "growls" when he rolls or lays down, he snores and loves to reach his head through the feeder door and clean up the scraps, which is really cute because he is a lot shorter than the last time he did it, he has to really stretch. But even if he didn't do those little things, I would still know it is him. I can just stand next to him and look in his eyes and know it is him.

I am so happy, I have the two most incredible horses in the world. Bailey, Phoenix and I are going to have alot of fun trail riding adventures in the future.

Thank you for everything!!

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