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Annette, you are amazing! I am so grateful I found you!

Losing Sassy has been exceptionally devastating. It happened so fast, and I don't even know WHY she died. The vets can't even explain it. I can't stop crying.

Sassy was the one I rescued in the Fall of 2010. She is the one who was horribly abused, she was on death row at the SPCA, and when I brought her home she had pneumonia, scabs, and a double ear infection. I made her healthy and fell madly in love with her! She was a very special girl and I KNOW she has been with me before. I only had her for a year and 4 months. I feel robbed!! I am absolutely crushed and grief-stricken over this. None of it makes sense and I suspect some vet malpractice as well. On the way to the ER I talked to her and told her that if it was time for her to pass, to PLEASE come back to me! I know I sound selfish to want all my babies to reincarnate and come back to me, but my dogs are my world! I don't have any children and my dogs have always been my children and soul mates. They are all I want and need in life.

I have been talking to Sassy and begging her to come back to me so I can have more time with her and finish what we started together. If she chooses not to come back to me, I won't be able to handle it! Our bond was exceptionally special and we really needed each other. I hope she hears me talking to her. I promised her that I would go to Dickens' breeder and find her a healthy body this year. I have many reasons why I need her to come back to me. I would bring her back even sooner than Corky and Taz, and I love them all, but I really need Sassy for many, many reasons. There is just something about her that I NEED her to be with me. I can't explain it. Maybe she can tell you why. One possibility is that she and I were both abused. I feel such a strong connection to her and her pain, and it would help me heal my own pain by having her back and giving her the love she deserves!

I am relieved to hear she is doing fine in Heaven. She had such a horrible life before she came to me.

-- Kristi

Kate R.

One year ago right now we were enjoying our last, golden "honeymoon" time with Molly before she went across the rainbow bridge. After our conversation (sometime in September of 2008), I understood so much better how things were for Molly, and how she was saddened by becoming a bad thing for me in particular. I was able to love her into this last chapter, and love and love and love along with Lily and Will (her other "specials"). Through this time, she went into a kind of remission from the severity of her irritable bowel symptoms!
Finally, in the middle of December, we had our vet come to the house for Molly to get her shot. My son, Will, was with her. She was on her chair, on her special blanket. What a serene and sweet presence she was! I cannot express how dear she is to us all!
Thank you for helping us love her to the end, and for helping us to really enjoy being with her through this special moment. We have a little bit of her fur and her collar in an alabaster jar, along with her picture, and a little piece of her favorite blanket.
By the way, my son has felt her jump on his bed twice. First, when we cleaned up his room (I wondered if his clutter had kept her energy off-kilter), and the second time, first my husband felt her jump on our bed, and that same night Will felt her. I am smiling even now as I think of it.
They are so easy to love, so hard to loose. Thank you.

-- Kate R.

Kathe D. - TX

I feel I cannot thank you enough so bare with me, ha ha. I have such a peace about me this week, so much quicker than ever before with losing a beloved pet. Much of it has to do with reading your site and the feeling of peace I have that my lost souls are happy and the hope for the future that they may return to me as well. I am so much more aware of the signs around me now and feel I have received several since Buddy's passing. I hope he is resting up and gaining energy as I would love him to come back to me soon! I also have to thank you so much for talking with my mother this morning. She had such a wonderful experience with you and although she still misses her Tiny so much, she has more peace too knowing he is happy, that he comes back to her thru Tucker and the hope that she will one day again be reuinited with him. Bless you for such a special gift!

-- Kathe, Max and Luke

Robin O'Malley - Iris's Story & Update

It's been 3 years, and I hope you remember my little lost Iris. She has amazingly blossomed into the most loving girl in the world. I have no fear that she would ever run away again, as she has to know where I am every minute of the day, and follows me like a shadow. She is so different from that frightened little dog we brought home. Things we never could have done with her before--- picking her up and cuddling her, rubbing her belly, her now sleeping up against me at night -- all these things are so new and wonderful and precious.

To "pay it forward", we volunteered to be foster parents for the Westie Rescue, and have had 5 fosters in the last year- all have been placed with permanent homes. Sometimes it's not easy to take a foster dog- many of them are mill dogs, or have behavioral issues- but somehow a good home is always found for them.

I do thank God for you every day, as you helped to bring her home to us in a very dark time in our lives. I will never forget your kindness as long as I live.

May 2009 bring you health, happiness, and prosperity. -- Robin

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