I would like to share some information regarding animal reincarnation.

Some of you may have some doubt about this subject, however, it has been my personal experience, animal reincarnation does exist. Below you will read just a few of the stories I have received proving that there is such a thing as an animal in spirit returning to a different body.

What I have learned from these souls is that they will return for a variety of reasons. Sometimes they return to a former human caregiver and sometimes they don't.

Keep in mind that when an animal chooses to return to a body, it is the soul essence or spirit of the animal returning but not necessarily their previous emotional or physical image. They will almost always show you a personality trait that you will recognize from an animal that you were familiar with, but it is rare that they are ever the exact carbon copy. Expectations can spoil or mar a reunion. Animal reincarnation can occur in two way:
  1. They can return as a new born knowing you will "find" each other.
  2. They can make arrangements to trade spirit/soil energy with an animal who already occupies a body
The latter is the most common, my own latest experience with animal reincarnation occured a short time ago with my parakeet Buddy. He was showing some of the same habits and traits as Poncho, my parakeet who had passed into spirit 4 years before. Poncho was with us until he was 11 years old, Buddy was now 7 months old. My daily routine is to greet him each morning, I wish him a good day, clean his cage, feed and water him. One morning as I greeted him with "Good Morning Buddy, how are you this morning"? He responded with "Good Morning, I am not Buddy, I am Poncho and I am very good, thank you for asking". I must admit, I was not expecting that but thanked him for coming back to us. Now we call him "Buddy Poncho" and he seems to be very satisfied. We recognize that he has returned to what we hope is another long and happy life with us.

I have a client whose pet and friend, recently returned to spirit. She had a question that appeared to have also been generic in value, so I thought I would add it to the website in case it might aid any of you in dealing with Animal reincarnation.

I told my client as I've said to many of you ... "When you're looking for a replacement body it helps to let your heart guide you."

When you find what you feel is the correct animal, you're heart will do a little dance. You know how your heart feels when something is just "right"? Looking for a "body" for your animal's soul isn't a difficult situation especially if you let your heart guide you.

You'll just "feel" when its right. Sometimes you can hear about a situation that sounds too good to be true but when you actually meet the pet, you don't "feel" it, then it isn't right for you ... You'll feel in your heart of hearts that you've made the correct choice.

One of the questions asked was: When an animal in spirit returns and there are other animals in the house who knew the spirit, do they know its their friend returning? Does the "new" animal recognize the humans and the animals they used to live with?

First off, the new animal IS the new animal. Everything in the new animal is new but the soul. The soul is what is reincarnated. The soul is the "being" or "spirit" of the animal. It is NOT the personality or memory of the animal. So mostly, the animals who remain in the home know the soul of the animal has returned in the body of the "new" animal.

How do they know this? Generally the animal in spirit has told them either right before the animal returned or during the period of time that the soul is adapting into the body. Many of the humans also reveal this information to the animals living in the home. The new animal will have a trait or two immediately so you know, this is "your" animal. They also "know" the humans in the home but do they readily take to them? Sometimes they do, but mostly they need to get reacquainted. Time and exposure, always helps to rectify this situation.

Each animal reincarnation is special. I try to always deal with them in an individual manner.

Please enjoy a few of the many stories I have received on animal reincarnation!
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Hi Annette
I don't know if you remember me from the last year. I had a springer, Ricky, who died last year for a stroke. I'm writting you now because on 21st july I adopted a 3 years old cocker. He is a very, very good companion for me and my baby boy. Something was telling me to pick him, althought were listed in the notice a lot of allergies (fleas, antirabies and proteins). I don't know if is Ricky or not but his behavior is just like Ricky's. It's unbelivable, I've never thought that can be possible. And there are many moments when if I don't look at him, I feel him as Ricky. Anyway I love him very much and I hope he will stay with us for many, many years from now on. Thank you for listening me.

Best Regard


Hello, Annette!
I just wanted to drop you a line to say hello! Today, I took Stella to the vet for her annual "Senior Exam", which she passed with flying colors, and as we rounded the last sharp corner to home, she let out a looud "Meowrawl"... at the exact place and in the exact tone that my boy Rascal always did! "Hello, Rascal ! Thanks for checking in." It warmed my heart, and I just wanted to let you know that Stella and I are now firm friends, and that she has become a very affectionate kitty! I sure hope she loves her home and me as much as I love her!

Thanks so much for encouraging me to stay with her and not re-home her last year. You were so right to give her time ... She is my sweet kitten.


Please be sure and read Transitions and Reunions for information.
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