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Kelley J Barcus - The Two Sparkies

The major bond between my partner Larry and I is animals, we both love and receive great joy from them. At a juncture in my life I met both my horse Rosa almost two and Sparky one at the same time. The people I got my horse from had a mangy little dog named Sparky and he lived next door in a filthy pen with a goat. My neighbors were leaving town and asked if the dog could stay in my fenced yard for a few days, so I said yes.

Sparky was very timid and quiet. I brought him inside and gave him a bath and noticed his teeth were rotten to the core and smelled very badly. He was quiet and minded his space and got along with my white shepherd Antares. When my neighbors returned I asked if they would let me keep the dog and care for him, as I expected they were glad to be rid of him. I took him to a vet and groomer. His bad teeth were pulled and he was a very cute little grey schnauzer and he wasn't particularly quiet once he knew he was in... We had a game of crinkling our noses at each other, first me and then him, then he would crack a smile out of one corner of his mouth. Antares died first of cancer in Santa FE and then Sparky, myself and Solo our new puppy and my horse Rosa all moved to Pagosa Springs where we found Larry.

No one knew how old Sparky was, I was his third owner. He was a bit of a comic and when he died of cancer I was really sad and constantly missed him. Larry had secretly been seeking a new schnauzer for me and when I found a puppy for $700.00 he agreed that we could get it so I committed and planned our trip to Cortez. The day before the trip the local area shelter called Larry and announced they had a schnauzer puppy brought in. So Larry asked me to at least go look at it and give it a chance before paying a large sum for a puppy. Reluctantly, I went to the shelter and asked to see this dog. Out came a 9 month schnauzer, grey like Sparky and bouncing off the walls, Sparky one was really laid back and instead of being groomed I left him shaggy most of the time. I wasn't sold although it looked a bit like my other a tad bigger than the breed normally are. He was wearing a red collar like my Sparky wore and I asked his history and at his age he had already been through two owners like my other Sparky before we met. So I asked what his name was and they said it's Sparky...

That did it, I adopted him on the spot. He was delivered the next day and Solo puppy ran to him and cried like he found his long lost friend. Sparky two is two years old now and Solo is 6 going on 7, he acts a lot like the other but he stays glued to my side, Sparky one had a habit of going on walks for long periods of time alone and I never worried for some strange reason. When he passed and I connected with a communicator they relayed that Sparky loved me greatly and appreciated the freedom I gave him. Both Sparkies have enlarged hearts and that is not a trait known for the breed so the likeness is uncanny and I can't distinguish between coincidence and reincarnation. Naturally; it feels really good to believe he came back as a clone and with as funny as he was it would be just like him to do so! One more thing Sparky two barked at all our horses frantically - they scared him but when he met Rosa who lives at a boarding facility he went up and sniffed her nose - he wasn't comfortable by any means but the reaction was much better than he exhibits to other horses in fact when I ride her, Sparky now walks directly in her shadow and she is very careful about him being there and has even jumped over him a time or two...

Kristi and Dickens [formely Mr. Tinkles]

I am so grateful to Annette for helping me reincarnate the love of my life and my soul mate, Mr. T. I am also eternally grateful to Mr. T for choosing to come back to me. That is true love!

Mr. T was born with bad kidneys. He was always a very special boy, and everyone who met him loved him. With his disease, he wasn't expected to live past 2 years old. We were so lucky to have been blessed with 5.8 wonderful years with him. When he started to become sick, I begged him to hold on and not leave me. When he passed, I had never been in so much pain in my life. He was my world, my everything. Luckily, I found Annette.

In one of my Yahoo pet groups, a very nice lady emailed me about her experience with Annette. Annette had helped her reincarnate her beloved Australian Cattle Dog. She told me her story and gave me Annette's phone number.

I immediately scheduled a consult with Annette. I was sobbing and very distraught over the phone, but Annette was very warm and reassuring. She told me that Mr. T wanted to come back to me. He wanted to come back as a small dog again, and he wanted a HEALTHY body. I was astonished! I have always believed that reincarnation was possible, and I have always felt very connected to all my dogs, especially Mr. T (who I'm convinced has been with me before). I had so many questions for Mr. T and I wanted to know why he had to leave me. He didn't want to talk about it and relive the pain. He wanted to move forward. Annette told me that he was very excited to come back to me. He was in Heaven and he wasn't even interested in looking around! I am still amazed that he wanted to come back into a body because he had so much physical pain in his life. One of the things Annette said that gave me comfort was that when Mr. T was dying, he was in and out of his body so he wouldn't feel as much pain.

I began searching right away for a healthy puppy. I emailed many puppy pictures to Annette and she asked each puppy if they wanted to trade souls with Mr. T. Annette was very patient and supportive throughout my search. She returned my emails very promptly and offered guidance along the way. Only 3 weeks after Mr. T passed, I brought him home again in a precious, 3 month old, beautiful bundle of joy!

My new puppy, Dickens, bonded to me right away! I was very surprised that this very young puppy wanted to follow me everywhere and stare lovingly into my eyes. He has many characteristics of Mr. T, and I notice more and more as he grows.
Reincarnation has now become a passion of mine since my experience with Annette. I want to learn more. I would LOVE for all my dogs to want to come back to me.

Thank you Annette!

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