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Annie - now Zoe

Well, Wayne and I are now quite sure that Annie has arrived! As I told you, we definately see it in her face and expressions, especially her eyes ... they are identical to Annie's. Wayne got another sign on Sunday.

He opened our bedroom window because there were some birds outside. Annie was always infatuated with birds (which I know is natural for all cats), but she had this sort of chattery, squeeky sound she would make when she watched the birds outside which would always make us laugh when she did it. We were always sure that this would be one of the things she would do to let us know she was back. Well, when Wayne opened the window and Zoe saw and heard those birds she became very intent and then turned her head and looked Wayne square in the eye and duplicated that squeek to perfection! Wayne said his jaw dropped to the floor and he got a huge lump in his throat ... he couldn't believe it!

I was not home at the time, so I missed it. She hasn't done it since, but I'm hoping she does it again for me someday. (Jake is not interested in the birds whatsoever.) We are so excited and wanted to tell you right away, but my computer has been on the fritz and was just fixed today! Anyway ... thank you again! It is truly a blessing to have Annie back and to have you help us to know that it was possible. We are truly grateful for all you have done for us! We will be in touch to let you know if she does anything else!

Thank you Annette, Carol & Wayne!

My Little Rexy - Joey

Rexy was such a good companion. He was all of six and a half pounds and a few inches high. He was only seven years old when he began to get ill. We think it was the antibiotics the Vet gave him. His little intestines could not process it well. Poor little guy. He was so sick. He was ALWAYS by my side - went to work with me, drove to business meetings with me, stayed in Hotels with me, slept next to me. We were like Mutt and Jeff.

When he died in my arms at the Emergency Vet six weeks ago I was distraught. I tried not to be but I could not help it - I missed the little guy even though I had two other dogs one being his twin brother Boo Boo. Needing some consolation I searched the Internet for Pet Communicators and found Annette. She wrote of facilitating a "reincarnation" of a pet. I must say I was happy to read this. Believing in reincarnation and in pet communicators (I have utilized their talents before) it sounded like an interesting possibility. I contacted Annette immediately.

Within a day she responded. She talked to Rexy, my little Yorkie who was in heaven he was able to communicate with me through Annette. He was happy to talk to me again and this gave me great relief. The information Annette shared with me from Rexy was so much LIKE REXY that I knew Annette could not be making it up. I asked Rexy if he would like to come back to me in a different body and if so what kind of body. He was anxious to come back and told me he wanted to be in a bigger body than the little Yorkie one he was bound to this last time around.

At the direction of Annette I found a puppy from a breed my husband and I were fascinated with - Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. This puppy was four months old and was given the name Joey. He was beautiful! Annette showed Rexy my Yorkie the picture of Joey (through her ability to communicate) and asked Rexy is he would like to come home to me in this body. He was so excited about being cute again and bigger and in the body of Joey. Annette also asked Joey if he would be willing to turn over his form to Rexy so Rexy could come home to me. He agreed to do so. I contacted Joey's people and within a few days picked him up and took him home.

Immediately Joey began showing signs/characteristics of Rexy. They were too many to be coincidental. He would run right to Rexy's favorite spot on the back of the couch in the living room, he had the same funny sneeze, he buried his nose in under my arm the same, chew on the same spot on his backside, and when I went to pick him up he would try to give himself a boost into my hands. No other dog I have ever had the same combination of characteristics. Suddenly my Rexy was back in a fresh, young, healthy, larger body. Now, it is Rexy/Joey that lies beside me when I sleep, watches me cook in the kitchen (my other two dogs do not), follows me around everywhere and I AM HAPPY TO HAVE REXY-JOEY HOME.

Thank you Annette, RN!

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