My Early Years

I believe my angels had it all planned out. When I "grow up" I should become a professional Animal Communicator, and so I did.

I have been communicating with animals for as long as I can remember. Talking with animals has always been as normal and natural for me as talking with humans. In fact, as a youngster, I was more comfortable talking with animals than I was talking with humans. The animals never told me what to do or bawled me out for any reason. How many humans do you know who are as totally unconditional and devoid of ego the way an animal is?

Of course I love all animals but according to my parents I displayed a love for horses almost before I could walk. I hold a special place in my heart for horses, especially the thoroughbred. Fortunately for me, my great uncle was part owner of the local thoroughbred race track where I grew up. I remember some very special times when I was 5 or 6 years old, when my uncle would take me along on a Sunday morning when he went to visit the trainers on the barn side of the race track. I loved the hustle and bustle early in the morning as the trainers and jockeys went about their daily routines. Seeing those beautiful animals exercise on the racetrack made a horse crazy little girl like me believe life couldn't be any better.

While my uncle visited with the various trainers, I would go from stall to stall looking at and of course talking with, the horses. Naturally I had chosen one stand out thoroughbred to be my favorite. This horses' name was A Light Way. Even now, I can picture how regal he looked with his coppery red coat, long mane and tail and the small white star on his forehead. I learned that "Way" was not only my favorite but he was also relatively famous in that part of the state. He was one of the best, if not THE best racer on the grounds and he only participated in the most prestigious races. When my father showed me a picture of him that appeared in the newspaper I cut it out and started a scrapbook dedicated just to "Way". I still have the scrap book with many articles and pictures, of him. It is a little yellow from the years but still intact.

My uncle knew that no matter how many trainers and horses, we visited within a day, we could not leave the race track without seeing "my" horse. One particular Sunday my uncle and I walked to the barn to see A Light Way. While my uncle was visiting with the trainer, I ask if I could see and talk to his horses. He gave me permission, but warned not to disturb "Way" .He was going to run in a important race that afternoon .I walked down the row of stalls stopping by to say hello to all the horses. When I came to the stall where Way lived I looked in and saw him standing in the back of the stall. He had his head down and appeared quite relaxed. When he saw me he came over to the door way where I was standing. he was so beautiful. I ask him how he was feeling. I told him his trainer said he was going to race today. A Light Way said he loved to race and he loved it when he ran faster than all the other Horses. He said he loved winning races but that he didn't feel very well today and didn't want to try to run. He told me his tummy felt a little bad. I told him I would tell the trainer to which he said "thank you, that would be good" ...

When I told the trainer that Way had said he didn't feel well and didn't want to race that afternoon, the trainer went directly to Way's stall. He slipped a halter onto Ways head and let me hang on to it while he checked all 4 of his legs. "Nope", said the trainer, "he feels fine." "Oh no", I replied, "Way says its not his legs that hurt, its his tummy." The trainer leaned down and put his ear against Ways side and listened. "Sounds ok to me," replied the trainer. I think he'll be fine to run this afternoon." "Oh but you can't make him run," I pleaded. Very near tears but trying not to cry. "Way said he didn't think he could run and if he says he doesn't think he can race than he shouldn't have to race" I said. I was getting angry with the trainer. About that time my uncle intervened. He wished the trainer luck and whisked me up the road and out the gate to the car. I could tell my uncle was not happy with me. He told I should not have "back talked" to the trainer. He warned me that if I ever did that again he would stop taking me with him. Then he said sternly "horses do not talk to people". I guess he noticed my sad face so he added, "but if they did, with your imagination I'm sure they would talk to you".. I worried about Way having to race that day when he wasn't feeling well.

A few days later my mother told me my uncle was on the telephone and wanted to talk to me. I took the phone from her. My uncle told me he thought I'd want to know. A Light Way did NOT race after all, that Sunday. My uncle said Way's trainer told him soon after we left, the veterinarian had to come to give Way medicine. He said Way had a touch of colic and advised that he not race that day. "I thought you'd want to know that", my uncle said to me. "Maybe, just maybe, these horses do talk to you". I remember I giggled as I replied, "I told you they do!"

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