All of us have experienced the death of a beloved pet. For some of us the loss is almost too much to bear. I would like to ask you, "can you expand your consciousness to accept the idea of your beloved pet returning to you in a different body"??? I know that some of you, for religious reasons could not even think of entertaining that idea. I respect that belief. We certainly have the right to our belief system. Let me clarify. When I say return to you in another body I do not mean in a weird way such as in Steven King's fictional novel 'Pet Cemetery'.

It has always been my belief that God is the ultimate recycler. He does not create throw away souls/spirits. Not flowers, trees, humans or animals. When the body dies, our soul or spirit lives on. This is true of both humans and animals. We are free to choose whether or not we wish to return in a different body. In this article I am speaking only about the soul/spirit of animals.

In my article titled Transitions, I was assisted by a few of my animal friends in spirit. I was afforded the same generosity with this article. It was to be titled Reunions and is inspired by two of my special animal friends. One is Razz, a beautiful Golden Retriever and Charlie, an adorable Dachshund.

Razz was the constant companion of one of my good friends. He made the transition to spirit late last year and just recently returned to a body (of his choosing, I might add). The reunion was relatively simple because Razz was able to guide his human to what he considered to be, the perfect body.

Charlie is still in spirit and has also volunteered to assist me. You will see that Charlie has plenty of information to share. He is a wonderful spirit. His human is also a very dear friend.

In the article on Transitions, we were not privileged to go beyond the 'veil'. With the help of Razz and Charlie we are able to get a glimpse beyond that 'curtain' in heaven.

If anyone has ever wondered whether animals go to heaven, Razz and Charlie both exclaim .... "Absolutely!!!! Yes, indeed animals have a definite place in heaven". They explain that it is not a different heaven, separate from humans but the same heaven where animal spirit/souls are able to interact with human spirit/souls should they desire too. As Charlie puts it, "we are all together and if you wish to project your energy towards each other it is possible". There are many, animal loving human souls in heaven.

Most animals in spirit have a position or 'job' Razz reveals. Some are teachers or guides, some angels some are greeters or soothers for animals who cross the rainbow bridge. Charlie chose to be a soother. Some animals choose to stay with human spirits/souls in heaven, some choose to stay with other animals and others choose to return to a body. These are decisions made by the animal spirit. There is no time table to account for so some animals choose to experience all of these things.

Should an animal choose to return to a body they may wish to reconnect to the human family they were with last, or they may choose an entirely new human and life lesson. Razz tells us that each time they return, it is to experience new lessons. He explains, "This is true whether we're with our same human or totally new ones".

You may ask, " what if my pet has been in spirit a long time, can he still choose to return"? I have been told, and Razz and Charlie will confirm, there is no time in heaven. What we consider to be a 'long time', may be just a blink of an eye in heaven.

In 'real' time Razz was in heaven just a few months when he announced he was ready to return. "What does that mean", you may be asking? I understand there is a kind of process to follow. Sometimes an animal is assisted in this process by an animal communicator. The animal will confirm to the communicator and to their 'human', their desire to not only return to a body but to also return to their human. Some animals can be quite detailed in their requests. They may ask for a specific type of body including size and color . Charlie also reaffirmed that an animal spirit/soul has the ability to change gender, breed and even species if they wish.

You might be asking how we can possibly locate our beloved pet, especially if they change species???? Razz tells us that in most cases the animal in spirit gently 'guides' their human through the process toward their reunion. As a communicator I am thrilled to play a part in reuniting an animal in spirit with their human. It is both exciting and rewarding to me to say nothing of the feelings of the human who is reunited with their beloved animal. However this is not the only way for an animal to reunite with their human.

What if a human has no concept of the possibility of reuniting with their pet in spirit? Does that mean they will not have the opportunity?

Razz and Charlie tell us that once an animal has chosen to return to a body and to a specific human they almost always end up together. Sometimes the human is not even aware of what transpired. A "new" animal has come into the family. The animal is loved and cared for. The human is not aware of the process but feels a kinship with the animal. The animal however, knows exactly what has transpired and was working to make this reunion a reality. I believe in miracles and I love when miraculously the human and their animal reunite. Many times someone has exclaimed to me that their animal reminds them so much of a special pet who had died. Or they will tell me how they have such a connection with their pet as if they had known them forever.

These humans have no idea not only is it possible for their animal to return to a body, and to them, but the animal they are talking about, the very same animal that reminds them of their special pet in heaven, could very well be the same animal.

Clients have told me they had no intention of going to the shelter or calling a breeder, or looking in the newspaper or online for a pet, yet one day 'out of the blue', they feel compelled to do it. This is another way an animal in spirit may be wishing to reunite with their human.

People have also told me, their pet chose them, or that when they saw a certain animal there was 'something' that resonated with their heart. Sometimes an animal will just 'show up" people recall. There are so many of these wonderful stories. Most of the time the reunion happens without the humans conscious knowledge.

Razz, tells us, and his human will agree, he guided her through a series of circumstances resulting in her discovery of the perfect body for him. This happened to be a dog of similar size ... Razz says he was able, with permission from the spirit/soul that occupied that body at the time to 'try it out'. He was able to accomplish this by projecting his spirit into the body, look through those eyes and basically do a 'test' run to make sure that body would work for him. Does this sound impossible to you??? It is all part of a process.

It is important to remember, as I have explained in my article on animal reincarnation, two souls/spirits cannot live in the same body at the same time. The spirit/soul of the animal who already occupies the body must agree to make the permanent trade should that opportunity arise. Razz knew that this new body would be right for him. He arranged with the spirit/soul in the body to make the transition. Are you asking, "What then happens to the spirit/soul that had occupied that body"? Charlie tells us once the agreement between the spirit/soul that occupies the body and new spirit/soul is agreed upon, the 'old' spirit/soul returns to heaven where they can reside for as long as they wish.

Without exception, I can tell you that every animal I've ever communicated with in spirit has verified what a truly wonderful place heaven is. No spirit ever leaves a body and just wanders around aimlessly. Both Razz and Charlie tell us that every animal who wishes to return to will do so.

One more reminder, when an animal chooses to return to a new body they will have a new personality, and new lessons to learn. They may occupy a new body however they bring with them the same spirit/soul they have always had and will continue to have throughout eternity. This is because the soul never dies.

You may ask, "How will I know if my pet has truly returned? How will I recognize my old pet"? The animals tell me they usually bring with them a recognizable trait or two, which they portrayed in their previous earthly incarnation. This is mainly to say to their human, "be aware, be assured I have returned". This bears repeating, the soul never dies!!!!

I want to thank Razz and Charlie and all the other animals who generously aided me in writing this article for you. I loved writing it and I love being a part of the process that reunites an animal in spirit with their human family. We hope we have answered some of your questions regarding this subject and we hope there is a reunion in your future.
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