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Lynn McCollum - Longmont, CO

Lucy our beloved Bull Terrier passed on in late September this year. She had been with us a brief 7 years and had been diagnosed with lymphoma in October of 1999. We choose to treat her and it was a good choice. She had chemo therepy for all of these years but she was always 95% of herself, except right after chemo, then she was 80% for a few days. During that time we worried about her and felt her sadness. But she would pull through and we rejoiced in having her with us for that time! Annette was the support we needed to make it through the hard times and feel good about the rest of the time. She had a connection with Lucy and would share her thoughts and feelings with us. Lucy did not like to see us sad about her and she wanted nothing more than to please us. Annette helped us to see this so we were able to make Lucy happier.

We knew Lucy's time was coming as she had come out of remission once already, the vet said dogs just never get rid of cancer for some reason and that 18 months seemed to be the longest remission time they had recorded and 15 was more the norm. So when she passed 19 months we were able to see Lucy wasn't able to fight the evil cancer as hard. We had a hard time facing this reality, we did not ever want her to be in pain. So Annette guided us through talking with Lucy as to how she felt and when after 23 months she began to leave us, Annette helped her and us let go. We were in great pain about losing our friend but with her help we were able to work through the pain. Annette was there for Lucy and was able to guide her to the other side. She told us how she saw Lucy running through deep, lush grass and then she stopped and dove nose first into the grass!! The she rolled over on her back kicking her legs up in the air and scooting along on her back. Suddenly she stopped, all four legs straight up in the air, she held still for several moments. Then with a sudden leap she was up and chasing a butterfly. We can not tell you how much that story meant to us, how it made us cry, yet it was a healing cry for we knew that Lucy was happy again and as well as she could be. You see one of Lucy's greatest joys was when we took her to the park "the park with the grass" .... and she would do exactly what Annette had described her doing. She would do this over and over, people would stop to watch her because she looked so silly and happy. So we knew that Lucy was telling us she was OK and she was happy. Knowing that soothed our aching hearts, thank you Annette for the peace of mind.

Margaret Pickering - New Zealand

Annette had a conversation with 2 of my horses, The Big Guy, my 20 year old gelding and Misschief, my 7 year old mare. Tehe consultation was done by email as I live in New Zealand and was so accurate even my skeptical father was convinced! The results of Annettes conversations confirmed many things I knew or felt about the horses and she really "got" their personalities and was able to describe activities and foods that they liked. She was also able to descibe the stock work The Big Guy had enjoyed in the past, although he has not worked cattle for over 10 years.

One of the most exciting aspects of Annette's work to me is the changes that have resulted from communicating with my horses in this way. I asked Annette to assure my short-tempered, short triggered mare that I wanted to be friends, within a day she stopped regarding me as the enemy and is visibly more relaxed. She has begun to take some time to think, where as before she would shy and bolt at the slightest, imaginary rustle in the hedge, a huge improvement as far as her long-suffering rider is concerned! She has always been resistent to change and is now trusting me enough to go ahead and give new things a go and the whole relationship has changed. We are both able to be a lot less defensive and riding has become a lot more fun for both of us! I would highly recommend Annette's services to anyone who is having difficulties of any kind with their horse or who would just like to "check in" to find out how things are going for their four-legged partner.

Kathy & Michael & all of our animal companions

With great success, Annette's ability to communicate with my animal companions enabled us to work through various life and death and to better understand certain behavioral patterns. I like checking in with my animal companions from time to time to ensure everyone is content in our home. Blessed are the beasts of our world, for they are capable of teaching us harmony and peace. Annette, thank you for sharing a whole new world of communication with my human and animal families!


We've had some great improvement with Piper. The very next day after we talked with you I brought her in to work, and several people came up and commented that she seemed like her old self again. The very evening you talked to her she was more fired up and relaxed and happy than I'd seen her in a long time.

On the walk back to the parking garage after work, she no longer strains at the leash with her tail between her legs, and at home she has no problem navigating the main floor hardwood floors. Upstairs she has some setbacks with the slippery floors up there, but I get her fired up and congratulate her when she conquers them. We're tracking down the herbal remedy and we'll get her on that very soon.

All in all we're very happy with her improvement, she's much more at ease inside the house again.

If we have any major setbacks, we'll give you a call. By the way, a few months ago I referred someone who had a lost cat to contact you. They had had a very traumatic death in their family and their cat disappeared. I wonder if she (Bette) ever called you...

Thanks again ... Steve

Diwamani Boulakh - NY

If you are into animals, you surely have seen the video about the "Dog whisperer" on Utube. Well, let me tell you about Annette Betcher. Annette can whisper to anybody - dog, cats, goats, horses, chickens, worms, you name it. She does not need to be next to your animal (pet) either, she whispers so well that long standing behavior problems will clear in a matter of days, sometimes just few hours.

I had many consultations with Annette for the past 6 years. She lives in Washington State and I was in NY when we first got to talking ...

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