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On Tuesday, October 21st, 2008, I was having a nap and when I got up about an hour to an hour and a half later, I noticed I had not closed the kitchen door properly which opens up to a back porch with stairs going into the backyard. Cats were coming in and out of the door. I called them all in and counted them and Sadie was missing. Sadie had been outside a couple of times when we were watching her and this was unusual for her, as she gets frightened very easily. I kept going outside and calling her and when my husband came home he went outside and called her. He figured she was held up somewhere. Nightfall came and still no Sadie and at bedtime we left the porch light on. I kept getting up and looking outside, hoping Sadie would be at the door. But no, she was not there.
In the morning she was still not at home. I contacted Annette by phone and email and she wrote back saying that if she was not home by the afternoon to phone her. At noon Sadie was still not home, so in the afternnoon Annette was able to communicate with Sadie and she was held up under a shed or tree close to home and was very scared. Annette asked Sadie to come home when it was safe, around dawn, when animals quite often travel. Annette also suggested to Sadie that she throw her body against the door she had exited a day earlier, so we could hear her if we were in bed. Annette said she would suggest that to Sadie but did not think that would work. Also, I had suggested to Annette, that I sleep in the basement and leave the sliding door open so Sadie could slip in during the night. Around 4:30 am, while sleeping downstairs, I woke up to a sound coming from upstairs. I thought it was one of the other cats opening a cupboard in the kitchen. Then my husband gently knocked on the basement door and said that Sadie was home and was outside the door she had exited the day before. Sadie had thrown her body against the door just like Annette had suggested to her and we heard her! Absolutely amazing!
Thank you so much,
Anthony Dillistone


This is George before his disappearance, 6 years old, large and healthy. Today after his six week disappearance he is a third the size, but still as beautiful. He won't let me out of his sight so I sit with him sleeping in my lap, giving thanks for his return.
Thank you so much for your assistance and support. Even though I interpreted his information incorrectly and searched in the opposite direction of where he was, you helped me to know he was still alive so I did not give up hope. After the last time you made contact with him and I asked you to tell him he needed to let someone see him so we could find him. I truly believe he was making an effort to come home and sought refuge in a place where he would be seen and found. We both know how scared he was and how much courage that took for him to make a move. I am eternally grateful for your gift and appreciate all the energy and effort you extended to George, assisting him on his journey home.
Thank you so much,
Lori Fleisher [September 2008]


With one incredible Mexican rescue story behind her, she added another scary story just days before going to her forever family. Let out of the house accidentally we believe she began to track the bear that was in the backyard only moments earlier. After driving and walking until the early hours of the morning Blanca was no where to be found. The call went out to Annette. Blanca showed her a "skinny street" and crossing a busy road to in to a park. Put up posters and went house to house. Later in the morning Annette called and said Blanca was showing her a dumpster and a pile of gravel and was told to go to humans (she is extremely timid).
5 hours later the phone rang. A construction crew had Blanca. She had been circling them for most of the day then all of a sudden got up and walked over. Sure enough there was the dumpster, there was the gravel pile. The long skinny trail to the busy street was north, not south, the busy street was a freeway, but it looked like she went under the freeway through the tunnel. Annette had mentioned she went "across" the road so it didn't quite fit. Anyways after a few tears we brought Blanca home. Took down all the posters and settled in for a night of cuddles.
BUT there was one more incredible event yet to come. We received a phone call later that night. A woman had seen the one poster I forgot to collect. She had been driving along the freeway during the Friday night rush hour and seen Blanca trying to get "across" 4 lanes of 60mph vehicles. With no where to pull over, 911 was called but Blanca had gone by the time they got there. Amazing that she survived and even more amazing is Annette. The accuracy and details ...... Wow.
Karen [July 2008]


Annette, whatever prayer or alert you sent up last night worked. As you suggested, Joey was here this morning. I saw him in the woods and by the time I got shoes on to make sure it was him, he was on the porch. I can't imagine how he got there so fast! Carried by Angels, my guess. He had lost weight but other than that he seems fine. I did the visualization as you told me and prayed throughout the night. I'm going to give us both plenty of Rescue Remedy.
I still want a consultation with you this morning, for you to talk with him and find out what happened and for you to ask him please to keep close to home.
THANK YOU, THANK YOU, ANNETTE. I'll wait to hear from you.
Yolanda [CA]

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