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"I called Annette with the difficult task of finding my cat Bandit. He had already been missing for several days. She kept checking in with him and finally Bandit was found on a busy street corner. He walked up to a couple on the street, and meowed. He allowed them to look at his collar.
Without the help of Annette and others concerned about his well being, I would not have the happy reunion I did. Annette is a blessing."
Kristen, Texas


Rhonda had been missing for eleven days when she was spotted by a 4 year old girl who told her uncle. She was found less than a mile from her home in Dover NH and returned to her grateful human, Aaron. Annette had told Aaron to put up fliers, and to not give up hope.


Being a puppy mill dog, Iris didn't have the experiences of a normaldog . She avoided people as much as she could. Annette provided information that she was on the move, and possibly out of our town. So we widened our search to two towns out. Friday morning at 2:30AM we received a call from Westchester Police (2 towns away) that an officer was sure he was following her. We raced to his location and THERE WAS IRIS!!!! It was a miracle."


This is Elvis. He decided to take a stroll down a North Carolina freeway one day. His parents were very worried, but Annette assured them he would be back. A nice couple picked Elvis up and returned him to his grateful folks
Cyndie and Walt S.


"Thank you for your insight as to where Scooter was. He was found 3 weeks after doing his walkabout, due south of our house, just as you had said. You put me at ease with the fact that he was still alive, and I was able to connect with him and let himself be shown to the family who's yard he was hiding in. He still had his collar and tags. He is skinny, but gaining weight daily.
Christy Woodinville, Wa.


Boomer, had been stolen from my home on January 19th, 2005 and wasn't returned to us for 17 days. We put up many posters. The person that helped us find information through this ordeal was Annette.
During our first call she told us things only she and Boomer could have known. He had been taken by a boy, who was keeping him in a small cage. Within a week of going missing, we found out that the boy had sold him. We called Annette again. She told us that she still believed we would get him home. Boomer told her things about his new home, and that he had been moved twice since the first house. She told us that she felt he was. We plastered the area with 200 posters. That same evening around 5 pm we received a call from a man saying he thought he had our dog. He bought him for his girlfriend. He agreed to give us Boomer back.
I give Annette my heartfelt thanks for her helping us get Boomer home. The police were never able to arrest anyone for breaking into my house and stealing one of my dogs.
Thank you again,
Kimberly R. Cox
Mark and Nancy C. Smith


Lucy was spotted in a field 2 weeks after leaving a friend's yard. Annette convinced her to go to the humans that were calling her, although she was very scared. After setting a humane trap, she is now happily at home with her mom Misty.


Seamus had been missing for two weeks and we were heartbroken. He returned home the day after I spoke with Annette. She was able to contact him and tell him to hang in there, that we weren't going to give up on finding him. He's home now and safe, and we couldn't be happier!"
Kristen Ballard WA


Wiley is a Red Heeler/Coyote cross. I had only adopted him from the local animal shelter two weeks prior when he went missing for 8 days when he jumped out of my car window at a traffic light downtown. I called Annette and set up an appointment. The very next day, I got a call that someone had seen him. When Annette and I talked, she told him to stay in the area he was in and not to be afraid to take food from anyone giving it to him. She described the area where he'd been seen to a T. It took a couple of days of searching, a friend saw him, called to him and he came, from the exact area Annette had seen him!
Wiley is happy at home again, none too worse for the wear and tear, but seems to be very happy to have a roof, regular meals, a warm bed with me - and a Frisbee to catch!


Our mother's Yorkie, turned up missing on April 22, 2005. He is 13 years old, tiny and quite fragile. Coledon and Mom have an incredibly close relationship.
We contacted Annette and the first thing she told us was that Coledon was still in his body. She said that when he went out the door of Mom's house, he had gone straight to the garbage cans. A kind couple had picked him up and cared for him. They had fed him hamburger in an effort to get him to eat, and begun to call him "Baby". The couple had an old scruffy cat according to Annette. Coledon did not like the cat, but tolerated it. Annette told us that Coledon was getting "antsy" and wanted to come home. Annette told him that people were looking for him and so that he should bark when ever someone came to the door.
A few hours after my consultation with Annette, I received and email from a lady named" Angel. (yes,her real name) Angel believed she had Coledon. She told us she had found him in a parking lot just a few blocks from Mom's and had taken him in. She and her husband had tried to feed him hamburger and had taken to calling him "Baby" - just as Annette said! She said they had four cats, one of which was rather "scruffy" and quite old. Angel said that although she and her husband had grown fond of the dog, that he was growing anxious and had been "barking a lot".
We are so thrilled and relieved that Coledon is home with Mom. And we are grateful for the guidance and comfort Annette gave us in our search, and quite amazed and inspired by this experience!
Mary Lyn DeNiro, Shawn Symes, Marilyn Symes

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