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On Saturday, May 30, 2009 our beloved Cornish Rex cat Juneau escaped from our home. Our daughter and grandson were visiting overnight and we think that Juneau got out through the garage when our daughter was carrying some things to her car around 9:00 PM. We did not know Juneau was missing that evening as all the cats had been fed their dinner and it is not unlike Juneau to retire for the evening in some nook or cranny in our home. But, when we arose the next morning (very early as we were on our way to a dog show) and I fed the cats there was no sight of Juneau. Everything stopped that we were doing and the search of the house began. After a thorough search of our house is became apparent Juneau was not inside. Juneau had been a show cat and other than going to cat shows he had never been outside before. For the next five hours we set about combing the neighborhood, calling and walking many blocks and streets, to no avail.
It was then we decided we needed special assistance and called Annette Betcher. Through the years we have loved all our animals the same, but there have been the special ones who have pulled at our hearts a little stronger. Juneau is loved in this way, by us and by all he meets. We called Annette, as I just stated, on Sunday afternoon. Annette's phone message stated her business hours were Monday through Friday, and to leave a messasge. I left a message telling her about Juneau and asked for any help she might be able to give me on Sunday. Annette called a little later and spoke with my daughter (at that time I was unable to speak I was so upset), got some basic information regarding Juneau and said she would try to contact him and she would call back that day if she accomplished all she had scheduled early enough. Just in case, she made an appointment for Monday AM. A couple of hours later she called and we talked. By this time Juneau had been missing eighteen hours or so. From this conversation we gained insight and much hope. Annette believed Juneau was not much farther than six homes from us. We live in coyote country so she had warned him to stay away from them. She told him to come home and that every one of us was very worried about him and loved him very much. Annette mentioned that when she was in contact with him he stated he hid in lots of foliage, under a big box like thing (Annette felt it was a motorhome or trailer), was in a place where there was a large hole and by his description there was either a large BBQ or outdoor kitchen, a dog barked at him during the night and scared him, and he saw a big black and white cat. ALL of these things came true. After speaking with Annette, my neighbor across the street told me her dog started barking during the night and would not stop for the longest time (Lucky never barks at night) and she did not go outside to check because she was home alone, the neighbors next door have both a motorhome and a trailer parked in the driveway, there is a tree farm behind another neighbor's home, my husband and I walked the street and decided we would go into the backyard of a home that was empty and for sale to see if he was there and there was an empty swimming pool AND a large outdoor kitchen, and when I continued up the street calling I saw a big black and white cat laying on top of a mound of dirt (a cat I had never seen before). I then knew for sure that Juneau might have a chance of coming back home if Annette could get him there.
At about 10:00 PM that night (we had left our garage door open all this time) Juneau returned to us. I was in the garage folding laundry and about to close the garage door when Juneau proceeded to saunter into the garage, meowing loudly! I had just been outside calling him for the last time. We could not believe our eyes!!
We will be forever grateful to Annette for the hope, positive information, and timely return of our Juneau. We recommend, that if you are ever in this terrible position, you pick up the phone and make a call to Annette so you can have your pet return safely to your home. We wish this on no one, but with the assistance we received, we are elated to report our cat is home. May your outcome be as happy as ours. I included a photo of Juneau below.
Annette, my best to you and I will always be very grateful for you and all the help you gave us.
Marleta Mc Farlane

TN dog Casey # 22240 has been FOUND SAFE and SOUND

Thanks to Monica (foster mom) and Annette Betcher!
Casey dog did what Annette told her to do; go home and go to the fence. That is exactly what she did.
Below is a previous letter written to Annette from the head of the Min Pin rescue.
To everyone and Annette,
Whow Annette you are totally amazing. This is a fraction of the dogs that I remember having been gone for several days afraid to go back that Annette talked in to doing it. One had just come from a shelter after spending three days with his dead owner in their apartment before being found. He slipped his collar going from our volunteers car to the apartment complex he had never seen before. There were sightings but he would not come near anyone. People called his name and put food out but NO. We called Annette and she asked me to get the name of his dead owner. The shelter thought I was crazy and after ten minutes I finally practically in tears explained why I wanted it....One elderly couple had sen his eyes every evening on their nightly stroll so we explained to them to tell him that his Dad "Tommy" wanted him to come to them....HE trotted right over and they picked him up. Imps owes Annette more gratitude than we could ever express. Thank you my fried it's an honor to know you.


Wesley was lost from a foster home about 30 miles away from me, around April 23, 2009. I contacted Annette on April 30, and found Wesley on Tuesday May 5. I drove to Benton with friends at various times - we searched for him, and put up posters. After talking with Annette, she said that he was alive, but living partly in the woods and hiding out. She said he wanted to come home, but to my home, not the foster home he was in.
On May 5, later in the day, I decided to go look for him. I was craving sugar - stopped and got some cookies to munch on. Then went to the park. As I was walking thru the park, where kids were playing baseball, etc, I went thru an episode of blurry vision, or something. I called Annette, we talked briefly, and I asked her to tell Wesley that I was looking for him.
I wear bifocals, and as I walked my distant vision got blurry. I thought maybe I had the wrong pair of glasses. I keep my old glasses in my purse just in case I lose the other pair. I started switching glasses, back and forth, and couldn't find the right ones - they both looked blurry. Thought, I need to call and get an appointment - my vision is all of a sudden going bad, I need to get back to the car.
It started sprinkling rain, and I returned to my car. That's when I drove down the street past the park, gave out a flyer, then saw Belaire street and thought, well think I'll turn here. Went down to the end of the block, and pulled in the driveway of this vacant house, thinking this would be a good place to park or turn around maybe. I looked up and there was Wesley, just sitting there on the porch! I almost fainted! I had to check the poster to make sure it was him - it was a real shock. He moved off the porch to the rear of the house, where there was a nice hiding place for him. I held out some nice canned cat food and he came a-running. We sat there for some time, him eating, me looking at him. Then I put him in the car and headed back.
My vision is back to normal again. Don't know what it all means, but it was interesting. Wesley is happy to be back. He seemed to adjust pretty well to being with me and the other cats. He's lost some weight, and has been eating like a horse. And purring too. I'm so happy to have found him and have him here! Thanks so much for your help!
Wesley's Mom

Miss Kitty

I heard about Annette on a Friday, never thinking I'd need her. I lost my cat on a Saturday and spent the weekend looking for her. I called Annette on Monday and with her wonderful gift I was able to locate Miss Kitty, still alive and 35 feet up a tree on Wednesday evening. It was because of her ability to communicate with my cat that I never gave up and kept at the search. I hired a tree service with a bucket truck that got the cat down and all is well. Had it not been for Annette this would have been a tragic ending ..... cats do die in trees. Thank you Annette ....... you're the best!
Mary - Rainier, WA

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